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  • You can count on Mr. Fanduzz to do what he says he can do.

    My son got into some trouble while visiting in Knoxville, and I feel so lucky that my husband did some research about lawyers in Knoxville, which led me to contact Mr. Fanduzz. His reviews are spot on. He did an excellent job on the initial case and a subsequent problem involving my son. He really seems to care, he knows the law, and he gets the best results possible. In the case of my son, he went above and beyond and the outcome was even better than we had hoped. I am forever greatful for his expertise and help, and highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal counsel.

    Apr 16, 2017
  • Mr. Fanduzz is amazing

    Mr. Fanduzz was to the point and got done what he said he would do. He is super nice and is very understanding. He helped calm my nerves. If I had to do it all over again which I'm staying out of trouble however he would be my #1. Thank you Mr. Fanduzz and to your assistant for doing everything you did for me. You definitely have my approval 100%.

    Nov 17, 2016
  • The Best Representation Possible ~ Joseph Fanduzz

    I found myself in a very unexpected predicament on a early Saturday morning in Blount County. I had attended a wedding in Knoxville and was spending the night with a friend as not to have to drive home to Sevier County late at night. That night I took my usual prescription medication but then I suddenly developed a really bad case of Restless Leg Syndrome. Due to the RLS it would allow me to sleep so after a couple of hours of not being able to sleep I decided to drive home. Wrong decision to make since I had added a muscle relaxer to my normal nightly medication. Needless to say I started feeling tired when entering Blount County and decided that I should pull over and rest before continuing to drive home. I pulled in to a well lit area minding my own business and not bothering anyone and went to sleep. Not long after that an officer knocked at my window asking a lot of questions. I'm an honest person and had not as much of speeding ticket on my record. I told the officer that I had taken a muscle relaxer due to RLS and felt He immediately asked me to get out of the car and the next thing I knew, I was in the back of a cruiser, in handcuffs in route to Bount County Memorial for blood work that I had agreed to take. I was arrested and charged with a DUI with intent to drive simply because my keys where in the ignition of a parked vehicle meaning I was in control of that vehicle while resting for my safety and safety of others. I hired a lawyer in Sevier County who led me to believe he could get the charges easily because he knew the DA in Blount County. The first time I went to court I was all alone in an unknown very uncomfortable situation. He didn't file the necessary paperwork until later in that day, lets just say the judge wasn't very happy. The lawyer only went with me to court twice and sent someone in his place two other time. This was just a joke, each time we went to court all they did was delay the case two more months. Unfortunately the attorney I hired that accomplished nothing became terminally I'll and passed away on August 13th. He started shutting down his practice as soon as he found out the news of his illness. This led me to look for council else where and luckily came across Joseph Fanduzz. I left him an email and he notified the very next day and met what th him the very next day. He was willing to meet with me the evening that he called me but I didn't expect him to stay until 6:00-6:30 PM just to meet with me. I immediately felt very comfortable upon meeting with Mr. Fanduzz and he was so easy to talk to. He took the time to tell me exactly what could happen in this case including jail time. I hired him that day and he assured me he felt that he could and would win this case for me because he understood the fear within me of the court room and the possibility of jail time, loosing my TDL for a year, increased insurance rate and living forever with a DUI charge on my driving record. He did as he said and he fought hard for me. He answered any and all phone calls and text very quickly and he would easily put me at ease. It took him less than 3 months to get my case dismissed and expunged with not a thing on my record of the mess that I got myself into by being honest. He was there in court with me on 3 different occasions driving from Knox County to Blount County and always there on time. I couldn't have asked for better representation, I probably said less than 6 words total in court because he did all of the talking. Blount County is tough and given the muscle relaxer and my nightly med's in my system I could have easily been charged with a DUI with intent to drive. With Joseph Fanduzz by my side and representing me as he did I felt very confident and at ease while in court because realized that finally I was in good care. Needless to say, I'm so very happy to have this 13 month case dismissed and free of charges thanks to Joseph Fanduzz! I could not recommend any lawyer better than Joseph Fanduzz to represent you when you suddenly find yourself in a position you never thought you would be in. What ended up taking 13 months could have taken less than 3 months if I had only known of Joseph Fanduzz in the first place.

    Oct 27, 2016
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