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Drug Crime Lawyer in Knoxville

Defense Against False Drug Offense Allegations in TN

Have you been charged with a drug crime in Tennessee? If so, look no further than the Law Office of Joseph A. Fanduzz, where you can count on our Knoxville drug crime attorney to aggressively fight for your rights and develop a case strategy specifically for you. We offer a personal level of attention to ensure that our clients can always reach us when they have a question or concern. Our level of commitment to clients allows them to have confidence in how we represent them. Over the years, we have become recognized for our ability to effectively negotiation and litigate on behalf of our clients.

"Earlier this year, I found myself in a lot of trouble. Joe walked me through all of my options, helped me make the right decision and was there for me every step of the way. His knowledge of the law is exceptional and his execution, immaculate. He is confident and comforting. I have never been treated better. For any legal guidance, Joe Fanduzz is my first call." - Jordan K.
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After being accused of committing a drug offense, it is important to contact our Knoxville drug crime lawyer right away. The sooner you begin working with us, the sooner we can begin examining the details surrounding your case, gathering all the evidence, and building the strongest defense possible. The penalties for a drug conviction can be severe, and will depend upon the specific situation and types of drugs that were involved.

Common drug offenses typically involve the following substances:

Drug Attorney | Law Office of Joseph A. Fanduzz
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Crack
  • Ecstasy
  • Prescription drugs

Lesser drug crime charges may only result in fines and probation, whereas major drug crimes can result in jail or prison time. The criminal charge you face will largely depend on the nature of the specific drug crime, the amount you are found in possession of, and the drug's classification that is established under the federal Controlled Substances Act. Additionally, any past drug crime charges can also impact the seriousness of the penalty you face.

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After being charged with a drug crime, the prosecution will be actively preparing a case against you that can put your freedom and future at stake. This is why you must be active as well, in seeking out defense from a Knoxville drug crime lawyer you can trust. Regardless of the type of drug crime you are facing or the type of drug involved, you can rest-assured that we will do everything in our power to help you obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

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