Case Results

 Proven Success In & Out of Court

  • Reduced Charge Aggravated Rape
    Mr. Reagan was charged with especially aggravated rape. After a day of legal argument to the judge and a two-day trial, the jury found Mr. Reagan guilty of assault, saving Mr. Reagan a 25-year sentence.
  • Reduced to Probation Bank Wire Fraud
    Ms. Bevins was facing five years in the federal penitentiary for bank wire fraud. By the end of the case, Mr. Fanduzz persuaded the judge to grant his client probation. Ms. Bevins did not spend one day in jail.
  • Reduced Sentence 1st Degree Murder
    After a three-day jury trial with countless witnesses cross-examined by Joseph Fanduzz, Mr. Feaster was convicted of attempted voluntary manslaughter instead of the original charge of attempted 1st degree murder.
  • Reduced 51 Years to 3-6 Years 1st Degree Murder
    Mr. Harris was charged with 1st degree murder. After five days in trial, the jury convicted him of the lesser charge of facilitation of attempted 2nd degree murder. Mr. Harris potential sentence went from 51 years in prison to 3-6 years.
  • Not Guilty Robbery
    Following a lengthy investigation and significant amount of preparation, Mr. Fanduzz convinced the jury, who’s deliberation took only 20 minutes, to find Mrs. Henderson not guilty on the charge of robbery.
  • New Hearing 1st Degree Murder
    Subsequent to being wrongfully convicted of 1st degree murder, Mr. Lowery hired Joseph Fanduzz, who was able to convince the Court of Appeals to send the case back to Criminal Court for a new hearing.
  • Charges Dropped DUI & Simple Possession
    Mr. Fanduzz convinced the District Attorney to drops the charges of DUI and simple possession for Mrs. Lane.
  • Reduced Sentence Robbery & Kidnapping
    The District Attorney’s offer for Mr. Pryor was to plea guilty to robbery and kidnapping and serve fifteen years. After taking the case to a jury trial, Mr. Pryor received only 8 years.
  • Case Dismissed Felony Charges
    Mr. Merrell was charged with felony forgery. The day before trial, after continued pressure by Mr. Fanduzz, the District Attorney agreed to dismiss the charges.
  • Case Dismissed Serious Drug Offenses
    Mr. Barns was charged with serious charged with serious drug offenses. After a hearing Mr. Fanduzz was able to convince the judge that the evidence was obtained illegally and had the charges dismissed.