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If the IRS investigates you for tax evasion, you must take immediate action by retaining an experienced Knoxville tax crimes attorney. The IRS Criminal Investigation unit takes these crimes very seriously and aggressively pursues convictions when they suspect tax fraud has occurred.

Since tax evasion is a federal crime, choosing a lawyer who has proven their ability to win in federal court is crucial. Our skilled advocate at the Law Offices of Joseph A. Fanduzz has successfully handled many criminal cases at this level, including several in which the case was dismissed altogether. For the tough, trial-tested defense you need, contact our firm immediately.

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What are the Penalties for Tax Evasion?

Tax evasion or tax fraud has long been a very serious crime in this country – an income tax evasion conviction was ultimately responsible for the downfall of notorious gangster Al Capone. This offense carries both civil and criminal penalties that can impact the rest of your life, which is why it is crucial to retain a Knoxville tax lawyer who knows how to get results.

The consequences of a conviction include:

  • A penalty of 75% of the tax owed, plus interest
  • Up to $500,000 in fines
  • Up to five years in federal prison

These penalties are not just severe; they are life-changing. However, tax fraud charges are often the result of poor accounting and simple mistakes rather than an intentional attempt to defraud the IRS. An experienced attorney can help you prove this in court, fighting to defend your rights and freedom.

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These charges are too severe to be taken lightly. The investigative branches of the IRS are some of the most aggressive agencies in the nation and will not hesitate to take strong action if they believe they have been defrauded. If you are facing even an investigation by the IRS, you need to act immediately to defend your rights, freedom, and property.

Skilled Knoxville tax crimes attorney Joseph A. Fanduzz knows how to beat these charges and has proven his ability to win in state and federal courts. When you retain our firm, Attorney Fanduzz will tirelessly advocate for your interests, fighting aggressively on your behalf and your future.

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