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Bribing a public servant or accepting a bribe as a public servant is a white collar crime that can carry a heavy penalty. Bribery is accepting anything of value to influence an official or employee with such things as gifts, money, favorable treatment, and even property. To fight such charges, retain the services of a skilled Knoxville criminal defense attorney.

A person is guilty bribing a public servant if they offer, confer, or agree to confer any sort of benefit on a public servant, such as a police officer or politician. The same applies to any public servant who accepts a bribe from an individual or corporate entity.

Specific examples of bribery include:

  • Giving a health inspector money to ignore a violation
  • Making payments to a county officer's re-election bid in exchange for a county business contract
  • Offering to reward a legislator with an all-expenses paid vacation for their vote
  • A judge requesting a job for their child in exchange for ruling a particular way in a case

Penalties for Bribery Crimes

While there is no federal law against commercial bribery, most U.S. states have laws against commercial or private bribery. Private bribery is essentially the same, except for it involves a private businessperson or employee.

Penalties for federal bribery convictions are severe—up to $10,000 for civil fines, $250,000 for criminal, and up to 5 years of prison time may be enforced. Corporate entities are also punished harshly, with up to $10,000 in civil fines and up to $2 million in criminal fines.

The Law Office of Joseph A. Fanduzz can offer you experienced and trustworthy defense if you have been arrested on bribery charges. Our Knoxville criminal defense attorney can defend you in court to secure your freedom!

We Offer a Strong Defense to Our Clients

When you come to us, we will carefully review your case to determine the best possible defense. For example, we may be able to prove that a gift was given or offered to the public official did not involve any wagering and therefore legally acceptable. It can also be argued that the benefit in question was not substantial enough to risk undermining the public office. Also, a gift to a political campaign may be instead described as a normal contribution rather than a bribe.

Call our defense firm as soon as possible so we can begin work on your defense strategy!

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