What to Do at a DUI Checkpoint in Tennessee

You are coming home late at night when you see something down the road in your path. The police have set up a DUI checkpoint and are speaking with each driver coming through it.

The choices you make when you arrive at the checkpoint can make the difference between sleeping in your own bed or spending the night behind bars. This guide gives you the required tools to improve your odds of success so that you won't have to worry about facing charges. If you do end up on the wrong side of the law, enlist the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney the first opportunity you have.

When to Comply

Many drivers are not entirely sure when they should comply and when they should exercise their rights. While using your rights can protect you from trouble, saying no where the law does not safeguard you can make things much worse.

You must give the police your driver's license, registration, and insurance card when asked. If the police ask you to step outside of the vehicle, the law requires you to comply.

When to Refuse

The police will want to ask you questions when they stop you, but you don't have to provide them with additional information. Everything you are required to tell the police is on your driver's license. When the police ask you questions, they are looking for probable cause they can use against you.

Tell the officer that you politely refuse to answer any of the questions he or she asks you. Also, the officer might ask you to perform a field sobriety test on the side of the road. They can't compel you to take a roadside sobriety test, and you should always refuse. Almost anyone could fail that test because it's in a dark environment with distractions happening all around.

Gathering Evidence

You should record every encounter you have with the police if possible. If you don't have a recording device on hand when you see the checkpoint, don't try searching for it while you are driving because you might look like a drunken driver.

You can open your smartphone and start recording, but don't go out of your way to make it obvious that you are doing so. The police will lie or spin the truth to improve their odds of earning a conviction. Having a recording of the encounter can make a difference if your case goes to trial.

What an Experienced DUI Defense Attorney Can Do For You

If you have already been arrested and are facing DUI charges, speak with a caring criminal defense attorney without delay. The team at the Law Office of Joseph A. Fanfuzz will review your case and point you along the correct path. We will work hard to reduce your charges or earn a verdict of not guilty.

When you consider the total cost a DUI conviction could have on your life, you will see that you can't afford to move forward without competent representation.

Contact our firm today at (865) 896-9971 so that we can stand in your corner and fight for your rights.

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